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Auxiliary Donates Medical Microscan to Lab
June 04, 2012

On January 26, 2012, the OCH Auxiliary donated a Microscan to our Lab. This piece of equipment reads panels for microbiology and identifies organisms growing in the culture and also the sensitivities to antibiotics so the physician will know what type of antibiotic to prescribe. Please know that the Auxiliary has, since 2002, donated $154,427.14 in much needed  medical equipment! These donations are made possible through the auxiliary fundraising efforts throughout the year. The most notable being the annual golf outing. The 2012 event will be held at the Othello Golf Club on June 23, 2012. Please contact Mindy Gonzalez at 509.331.2603 or Cheryl Olson at 509. 331.2602 for information. 

Auxiliary Donates Microscan 


Pictured are: Maria Garza, Lab Manager, Auxilians Louise Kelley, Janet McCombs, Lynnette Caruthers, Karen Spanton, Janelle Jones, and Pres. Joeleen Barker, Heidi Wickenhagen, Lab Coordinator and Christian Dagani, Medical Technologist.

If you see any of the auxilians pictured above, please say, “Thank you!”