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Obstetrical Care

The birth of a child is one of the most precious moments of life. At OCH, we believe that a family centered care approach enhances the birthing experience. Our experienced staff of physicians, physician assistants, anesthetists, and nurses are skilled in vaginal and cesarean section deliveries. We are committed to a high level of compassionate care.


The OCH Birthing Center is comprised of five LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum) suites that foster a warm and relaxing environment. Amenities include a comfortable bed, large window seat (that doubles as a bed for a support person), glider recliner, and private bathroom.


Your well-being and safety during your stay at OCH is a top property to us. We have security measures in place that allow staff to monitor you and your baby's whereabouts to give you peace of mind.

State-of-the art central monitoring systems allow nursing staff to observe labor progress in the room and at the nurses' station.


Our nurses are trained in pediatric advance life support, neonatal resuscitation, fetal heart monitoring, labor and delivery. Newborns are screened for hearing deficiencies soon after delivery. Nurses also provide education with respect to the care of newborns and, if desired, lactation counseling and support.


Should complications arise, Life Flight Network Air Ambulance is available for emergency transports to hospitals with critical care capabilities. A highly skilled neonatology team accompanies the patient during the transport.


As your due date approaches, feel free to call and make an appointment to visit our birthing center. Nurses will be available to answer any questions you have.

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