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Respiratory Therapy

Othello Hospital's Respiratory Therapy department is committed to the well-being of the patient, whether in the hospital or in the community.

The respiratory department provides the following services:


  • Medical gas administration (excluding anesthesia)

  • Aerosol and humidity therapy

  • Administration of Respiratory Medications

  • Bronchopulmonary hygiene

  • Basic Spirometry screenings

  • Airway management and maintenance of any patient

  • Artificial and natural airway management

  • Patient instruction and equipment procurement

  • Blood gases


Each respiratory care practitioner (RCP) works closely with the patient, physician and other healthcare workers in providing the above services. The RCP will assist the patient in understanding their disease or disorder and will recommend the best therapy possible, whether at home or in the hospital.


The department is a progressive department and is continually looking for ways to improve its services and assisting the patient with new advances in respiratory care.

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